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Mson IP is a boutique intellectual property services firm that helps corporates, universities, individuals and law firms to deliver answers by following systematic methodologies developed & implemented by subject matter experts, utilizing enhanced presentation techniques. We have successfully helped firms in devising effective and innovative patent protection, prosecution, commercialization & other IP strategies. We have teams in US and in India that help reduce costs while still being able to interface in normal business hours and also, via face to face if required.

Service Spectrum Over IP Life-Cycle

We provide all the services that require patent searching & analysis in developing strategies for invention harvesting, protection & commercialization.

Problem-Solution/ Root-Cause Analysis

R&D departments can optimize their research to avoid re-inventing & figure out new solutions more systematically.

State of the Art Study

Know the existing art for unresolved or workaround activities based on patent literature, scientific literature and products on the market.

White Space Analysis

White Space is a platform that “provides a location for new thinking, testing and learning” but depends solely on quality & depth of analysis

Patentability/Pre-Filing Study

Identify prior arts to determine if the invention is really novel and non-obvious. Results can also help in crafting solid claims that distinguish over the prior art & convince the examiner to grant the patent 

Open Innovation Study

Its a strategy to open a company’s innovation process and allowing purposeful collaboration with external partners offering different advantages, such as use of external expertise, shorter time-to-market, lowering capital intensity and reduced failure rates etc.

Global Protection Strategy

Assess the invention disclosures to identify which ones should be protected. PCT application should enter the national phase under a pure ROI perspective based on the commercialization strategy (licensing, selling, or suing potential infringers)

Patent Landscape Analysis

Discover what patents/publications exist in a technology field for competitive & technology intelligence, licensing, infringement etc by taking into account the legal, technical and business aspects.

Patent to Product Mapping

Map every product feature to the claimed subject matter of the patent to identify the risk for existing/new products, predict evidence of use & devise licensing in & out strategies.

Patent Drafting

Our drafts are focused to completely describe an invention & emphasize on the uniqueness of the invention by explaining the what, where and why of it.

Patent Illustrations

We prepare utility & design patent drawings including flowcharts, mechanical parts, chemical structures, circuit diagrams, maps, graphs etc..according to the standards at various patent offices.

Patent Paralegal & Filing

Our Patent paralegals follow through on the necessary steps to file patents with the Patent Office by working closely with the attorneys, technology specialists, and staff.

Office Action Response

The rejection is just the opinion of the examiner. We understand the prosecution history & draft the office action reponse to convince the examiner to change his or her mind


Licensing strategies developed by identifying patents mapped to competitors products, Analyzing technology transfer information for inventions in a particular technology & dig out dozens of insights from patented technology, competitors, products & litigation perspectives.

Freedom to Operate

We conduct FTO searches by modifying the search scopes to give broad results that provided more options out of the results. Options include:
1) Standard FTO Study
2) Open Innovation Tailored FTO Study
3) Blanket FTO/ FTO Tailored Landscape Study

Portfolio Analysis

Classify patents in a portfolio according to business lines to identify potentially valuable patents, as well as to identify patents that may be abandoned to reduce portfolio costs.

Infringement Analysis

Compare patent claims with a potentially infringing product to determine whether they are infringing the claims & then develop claim charts that illustrate clearly how the claim is infringed.

Invalidity Study

Patents are invalidated by finding the prior art that destroys the novelty of the claims. It is executed for many reasons, but mostly to defend when a company is accused of infringing a patent. 

M&A Analysis

M&As are to gain access to technological knowledge which is of long-term strategic interest & also critical for establishing a sustained competitive advantage to the company. It includes selection of the most appropriate M&A target and the target's subsequent integration into the organization

Sequence Search

DNA, RNA and Protein Sequence searching to discover extended amino acid (peptides and proteins) or nucleic acid (genes) sequences that either exactly match or are similar to a sequence of interest. It is executed for patentability and freedom-to-operate purpose, saving time and reducing litigation risk for biotech inventions.

Markush Claims / Chemical Structure Search

A chemical structure search looks for chemical substances that are similar to compounds of interest. Search projects involving substances are rarely complete without chemical structure searching, especially in consideration of the rapid growth of generic and exemplified chemical structures disclosed in patents.


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Choose from the large selection pre-made blocks - full-screen intro, bootstrap carousel, slider, responsive image gallery with, parallax scrolling, sticky header and more.


Choose from the large selection pre-made blocks - full-screen intro, bootstrap carousel, slider, responsive image gallery with, parallax scrolling, sticky header and more.


Choose from the large selection pre-made blocks - full-screen intro, bootstrap carousel, slider, responsive image gallery with, parallax scrolling, sticky header and more.

Our Clients

Trusted by many companies, lawfirms & universities.



We can connect you to the clients listed below if you want to know more about us 

Mson IP

Kevin Feng
(Director, IP Division)


Mson's team has successfully delivered many prior-art searches for MediaTek in the past. I believe their experts follow a systematic methodology that helps them identify the relevant art from one way or the other.


Mson IP

Allan Schrock
(R&D Director)

Nike - Now at Under armor

Mson IP team has performed dozens of search projects (Prior Art Searches & Landscape Studies). The cooperation between Mson IP Team and our in-house search team has turned out to be a valuable tool in gaining a better control of the workload without putting additional pressure on our searchers.

Mson IP

Greg Rabin
(Senior Patent Attorney)


I have been working with Mson IP on patent illustrations and prior art projects. They deliver very high quality results in timely manner and, oftentimes, few days before the deadline. I highly recommend their service.

Mson IP

Jason Campbell

Campell IP LAW

I have worked closely with Mson IP for eight years and on dozens of projects ranging from focused patentability studies to deep technology landscape analyses of thousands of patents. They have truly been instrumental in the success of my firm, enabling me to more effectively advise my clients on comprehensive IP, business and risk management strategies for new and existing markets. Plus, their work ethic is unparalleled, and they continue to innovate their patent search and analytics abilities to better serve my needs.

Mson IP

Michael Sabino
(IP Manager)

Procter & Gamble

During my tenure as an Intellectual Property Manager at P&G, I had the opportunity on several occasions to work with them on preparing patent landscape studies. I appreciated their attention to detail, thoroughness, and focus on providing analysis and presentation of information in ways to be more helpful for me to make strategic decisions. They were very responsive, receptive to feedback, and eager to serve my particular requests

Mson IP

Shuqian Yan
(Senior Patent Attorney)

NXP Semiconductors

Mson's team has successfully delivered hundreds of prior-art searches for NXP in the past


Connect with them to learn why they mentor us

Jason, while acting as in-house patent counsel of a major global company as well as after starting his own IP firm, has been continuously helping us improve our capabilities in all areas of IP strategy support, including patent data visualization, valuation, and market intelligence.

Raghid is the reason behind our success in serving tech transfer offices at universities & analytics for companies.

Steve helped us streamlining patent search processes to help research & development groups at universities & companies.



Mohammed Mujahid

Founder & CEO


Abdul Malik

Managing Director & Technical Head (Mechanical)


Dr. Mudabbir

Manager & Technical Head


Abdul Moid

Manager & Technical Head


Shiekh Farooq

Chartered Accountant

Our Process


Understanding the technology & the objective of search


Formulate search strategies based on the scope utilizing industry recognized databases.


Subject matter experts analyze the results based on the objective of the search.


Normalizing & preparing the dataset using internal & external tools.

Answers/Technical Opinions

Derive answers/Create platform to derive answers using sophisticated presentation tools developed internally. Give technical opinions for prior art searches.


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